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What IS Magic Gone Wild?


Magic Gone Wild is a jaw-dropping, mind-bending spectacle that pushes the boundaries of magic and reality. Prepare to be shocked, thrilled, offended, and often left speechless as world-renowned magicians come together to create an unforgettable experience that is STRICTLY for adults. Not your typical magic show – we push the boundaries of what a "traditional magic show" is. What does that mean?

Come see for yourself. If you dare. 

Magic Gone Wild features an ensemble of magicians who have collectively performed thousands of shows around the globe. But beware – this is not a show for kids. Cause let's be honest, adults love magic just as much as kids do. We just leave all the creepy top hat-wearing BS behind. Our artists push the boundaries of what's acceptable, weaving a tapestry of dark and mysterious narratives both with their exceptional sleight of hand and illusion abilities as well as the type of humor they use. This is a journey into the minds of those who don't give a shit. We take our audiences on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Be it heart-pounding excitement to spine-chilling terror.

This is not a show where rabbits are pulled out of hats – it's a show that crosses ALL lines.

Magic Gone Wild is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your imagination, and leave you with a sense of wonder that defies explanation. So leave your kids at home and prepare to be immersed in a world of magic that is as wild as it is unforgettable.


The CREATOR of Magic Gone Wild.


With a captivating career spanning over three decades, Ryan Beyer is a magician who has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, Beyer has taken his mesmerizing acts on a national tour that has enthralled audiences far and wide. His reputation as a magician with a twist is well-earned, as he seamlessly blends astonishing magic with a raunchy and offensive comedy style that is guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Ryan Beyer's magical journey has seen him share the spotlight with some of the biggest names in the industry. From captivating half-time audiences on ESPN to wowing the crowd at the iHeart Radio Country Music Awards, Beyer's unique take on magic has proven to be an unstoppable force.


His performances have become a sought-after addition to events hosted by Fortune 500 companies, where his uncensored and adult-oriented style adds an electrifying element that is both daring and unforgettable.

Ryan's performances are unlike anything you've ever witnessed. So, if you're ready to embrace the outrageous and experience adult magic at its finest, Ryan Beyer is a must-see, pushing the boundaries and defying expectations with every trick he unveils.

Ryan is also married with a shit-load of kids.

Mike Hankins was terrible in high school. Instead of "learning academics", he spent his time learning how to do impressions of his teachers, fellow students, and whoever was relevant in Hollywood. He started performing stand-up comedy shortly after graduating, at the same time working on his close-up sleight of hand magic.


Mike took a short break from the entertainment side of things when he joined the Marine Corps in 2002. There he worked as a Military Police Officer, deploying to Iraq and arresting any and every one who didn't laugh at his jokes -- or didn't like his magic.


Mike is taking the stage after over a 20 year hiatus - though he is no stranger TO the stage. He spent a number of years in Las Vegas, as a Creative Associate for David Copperfield.


Mike is self-proclaimed as being ranked as the 26,208th best sleight of hand artist in the world and next to dead last at being an impressionist. Mike is doing what he DOESN'T do best - performing magic on stage. “You will be FINE honey!”, raves Mike’s mom. “Shut up mom!”, Mike says to his mom while AT a rave.


Mike's comedy ranges from stupid one-liners, to spot-on impressions, to some of the most offensive jokes you will ever hear. (Hopefully you have no filter) cause your ears may bleed.


A man with more voices than a schizophrenic, you’ll never know who you are going to get. (Bio written by Gilbert Gottfried but not really.)

WoF Pro Pic (1)_edited.png




The best way to describe The Travisty:


A neon-green, washboard-playin' DJ/illusionist.


He brings a certain WEIRD to everyday life. His magic (and overall appearence), will be sure to shock and amaze the hell out of any human at just a glance. (Aliens not so much -- they can relate to the color of his green skin...)

The Travisty performed at Cedar Fair Amusement Parks for over a decade and served as a Creative Consultant for the company, where he helped shape the foundation for their Halloween horror attractions.


He was also a part of 3rd Street Asylum, and you may have even seen him on the CW's Masters of Illusion.

Also, he snorts FU*KING CAR PAINT to start his day!

Shock Illusionist ™ Dan Sperry : The Anti-Conjuror ™ is the most in-demand touring magician of this generation.  Las Vegas headliner, sold-out tours, international awards, viral videos and breakaway star of the best-selling magic show in Broadway history: The Illusionists, he has amazed and entertained millions world-wide while continuing to gain legions of fans that all agree - after seeing Dan Sperry live: “Magic No Longer Sucks”.  


His original shock-based approach to magic, charismatic style and un-hinged humor provokes unexpected laughter and unsettling awe as guests are left in disbelief by never before seen illusions resulting in a fast-paced highly entertaining experience audiences rave about and return to see again and again!

With multiple television appearances such as a Semi-Finalist and return special guest performer on America’s Got Talent as well as Penn & Teller Fool Us, The Today Show, Masters of Illusion and live appearances at the most prestigious venues in the world including the Sydney Opera House, Hollywood Pantages, Radio City Music Hall, Circus Krone in Munich, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde in Paris to the O2 London and Hippodrome in London’s West End as well as two years in a row headlining Broadway Dan Sperry’s performances have drawn rave reviews around the world.  


Described as “Impressive” by the Hollywood Reporter, “Mind-Blowing” by the Chicago Daily Herald, “The New Face of Magic” hails The Melbourne Herald Sun, The Manchester Evening News declares “Sperry’s performance outshines his fellow illusionists” and praises “Had me laughing to tears…he’s like the cynical Alice Cooper of magic – totally icky yet totally awesome at the same time!” – This is a magic show for people that love magic shows and an even better one for those that hate magic shows.

—Pngtree—abstract modern art and colorful_4153325.png

Executive Producer

Jake is a Las Vegas-based lighting designer and creative director. Jake started with his love of magic and performing at the young age of 4 years old. He continued performing and creating magic until he was 23. During that time, he also worked as a magic consultant for many large scale touring illusion and production shows across the country. 

More recently, Jake can be seen on tour with both Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), and Avril Lavigne serving as their badass lighting director - all while maintaining his love and interest in the art of magic.

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