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Ryan Beyer

Master of Ceremonies


Mike Hankins

Executive Producer


Frankie Valle

Technical Producer


Eythan Maidhof


Ryan is a magician, husband, father, and a people person. He treats people with courtesy, hospitality, and a smile.

Ryan has been performing magic for over 20 years, with thousands of shows under his belt.

As the MASTER OF CEREMONIES for this tour, Ryan will ensure that you will not only have a great time, but will leave wanting more.

Mike has been performing and creating magic for over 25 years. Behind the scenes, he spent time as an Illusion Specialist/Creative Associate for the one and only David Copperfield. He was also the producer and host for The At The Table Experience, a live show created for

magicians, featuring some of the top performers from all over the world.

Frankie is what we like to call a bit of a "Tech Wizard". With his vast knowledge of all things tech, Frankie has provided technical assistance for several live events including some of the top names in all of magic. When Frankie says "I'm on it", you know whatever issue comes up will be solved in an instant.

Eythan is a Non-Binary award-winning cinematographer who works in narrative film, documentary, and fashion film. With over a decade of experience, his spec commercial work for, “Saran Wrap - Sex Wrap”, won an AICP award in 2016. Eythan’s first feature film, “A New York Christmas Wedding” Was listed by the New York Times as a must see for the 2020 holiday season on Netflix.


Graphic Design

Bernardo Rodriguez

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